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Why are we not on social media?

Updated: Nov 16, 2021

Bakboka is still a young start-up, and we are a small team. Yet, we do have a lot of ambition for the system we develop as well as for the analysis we produce. This tension between limited resources and an ever growing to-do list is pushing us to be intentional about how we spend our time and attention. Focus becomes our best tool to move forward.

Focus forces us to do less. By choosing what not to do, we discover who we are. By choosing what to fit in a finite amount of time and money, we discover our organising principles. We do not want to dilute our energy with efforts to have our name ‘out there’. What we want is a tool that allows for the pace of deep work and deep communication.

A good old blog is the best way for us to organise that. There is only one place where you can find us and hear about us: our website and our blog. On a blog, readers expect asynchronous discussion, which allows us to organise for it and not to be caught up in the never ending loop of Tweet replies. We can also push for content we really care about in the format we think is the best to convey our ideas. No character limits, no underlying strategy to reach an audience. Maybe we will reach less folks, but those who end up reading do take the time to do so.

By choosing to communicate less, we hope to be able to produce more quality content. By staying away from communication on LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook, we stay away from engineered time-warp-zones and cognitive distortion machines. This saves time. Not fighting for click bait will be re-invested into deep and diligent work. We make the bet that, in the long run, this extra depth will outshine a few extra clicks.

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