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Bakboka anticipates future events relying on a community of experts

We harness expert monitoring, analysis, and forecasts to detect changing conditions in fragile countries and emerging markets.

A feed of information made by top-tier country experts

We gather top-tier experts to monitor, analyse and anticipate the evolution of fragile and emerging economies. 


Our experts include local specialists, social media analysts, academics, journalists, political analysts, and sovereign risk specialists.


Their content is available in a single place, facilitating the understanding, verification, and retrieval of information.

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Forecasts on context evolution 

We aggregate the forecasts of our community of experts on questions related to the future of politics, security, the economy, or the environment.

We make the rationale and forecasting track records of our experts available and accessible.

Grouping experts in one digital space makes it easy to pool answers from the best minds and reduce the uncertainty inherent to operating in fragile countries.

A stronger focus on what matters

Our tech helps to focus on what matters by detecting sources, experts and information that deliver the most predictive value. 

The platform prioritises the content and the information that the most effective forecasters find useful.

You can follow the same information as the best forecasters and understand the mental models they use to filter signals from noise.

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Identify emerging trends and changing conditions

Our tech does the heavy lifting to uncover the latest trending topics, the geographical patterns and the hidden connections between events, places and people.

The built-in geolocalisation tool, live stakeholder analysis and a bespoke library of indicators allow you to identify the trends, the places and the people that matter.

By streamlining the analytical process, analysts can focus on what matters most: understanding what comes next.

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Swiss-based. World reach.

We are headquartered in Switzerland, in the heart of continental Europe, an international financial hub and home to many international organisations.

All of our data are hosted on secure servers in Switzerland and we fully comply with GDPR regulations.

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